Welcome to Buck Mountain Chateau
In the spring of 1989 some friends purchased an old deer hunting cabin located in the
middle of nowhere. This web site is about the cabin and the time spent there.

To my friends and family I request you enjoy this site and
Spread my ashes on top of Buck Mountain...but not by the outhouse!"
Warning...this site will have photos of dead animals. Hunting is legal and
at times we
kill troublesome varmints & big game animals at Buck Mountain Chateau.
Owners, operators, and guides of Buck Mountain Chateau
aka. bearfat, wolfkill, railroadweasel,
& brotherpoop on internet forums
The rat shack spring 2005
Underwear nailed to door to ward off womenfolk
1st black powder buck
Breakfast at Corky's
Corky's place
The new meat pole
MV7 with tweaked rear rack
Knocking over stalagmite
in the outhouse
(This picture is gross but necessary)
Fresh wolf tracks at
the Opossum Lodge
Snowmobile or walk in
last half mile from here
Brother John
Norm "Chief"
Bear Hunters
The film for the above photograph suffered damage inside the camera while manually rewinding it. I had to improvise a
darkroom bag in bright sunlight, open the camera and remove the film by hand, fortunately, I was able to save it from
overexposure. This is one of my favorite photographs and yes I agree...the two characters on the left look like they
walked off the movie set for "Deliverance."
Somewhere in Northern Minnesota
"Your what hurts?"
A third world hacker, specifically, "a248.e.akamia.net" took an interest in this web site and
attempted to gain access to post his ass wipe message:    "You've been hacked."

I received an official looking email stating he was my server and that my computer
had been identified as having a worm. He requested I download an attachment free of charge.

Hadji...all I can say is I am not a coyote pup trying to make my first winter.
I bait and kill varmints for a hobby. Presentation of the bait is critical.

I highlighted this in pink because I know your type
prefer smooth skinned hairless boys!!!!

"Allah Akbar" you pig eating scum!!!!
Email:     killer@buckmountainchateau.com
99% of the video and pic's (including self portraits) on this site have been taken by "Killer."  
Credit will be given to others
if possible by placing their initials in the bottom right corner.
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Corky's Venison Recipe
1.) Roll thin half inch cuts of venison in flour
2.) Dip in egg/milk mix
3.) Fry hot and fast in oil until almost done

Notice to womenfolk visiting the cabin...the following comments will be ignored:

Also of note: Women have been leaving their underwear nailed to the front of the cabin after visits.
We encourage this activity.
Latest news

A web site Two Feathers, Sara,
and Killer are developing for kids

Visit Weasel and his friends on Weasel Mountain
Two Feathers
Killer and Two Feathers renew vows after 30 years

Buck Mountain Chateau is pleased to announce help for individuals and
corporations needing to reduce their carbon footprint. You can find information at:


The above web site will be for individuals and corporations that inevitably
(due to Government intervention) have to pay mandatory carbon tax credits.

Every donated carbon "green" dollar will go towards ''
roughing it" at Buck Mountain Chateau.  
No electricity will be used, and we will use an outhouse or simply relieve ourselves
in the woods. Occasionally we will walk out to our tree stands and sit all day generating an
extremely low carbon foot print...in fact most days we'll just sit on our ass in the cabin.

Look for the PayPal payment center below to purchase "green" credits
Remember...purchasing carbon credits is approved by Al Gore and currently being discussed in
Amsterdam with the Cap and Trade world legislation.  This is not a joke...it's here, it's real, it's now.
Go Green
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To my German friends using my email address to promote spam...Hitler was GAY.
And he enjoyed how do you say it in German...."Weiner liche der schwanz"

Due to spammers I rarely open email unless I know you. If
your subject line is specific enough about this web site I
may open the email. Thank you for the contact I have had
from around the United States and Canada esp my
military brothers/sisters stationed around the world.
See pictures from Corky's 80th birthday party
(link to page provided below)
Smoky Joe's
Rendered Bearfat Energy Drink
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Coming soon to Smoky Joe's product
line...Barbeque Flavored Porcupine Sauce.
Smoky Joe
Testimonial..."My friends always comment...What the hell is this?"
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No Caffeine
No Sugar
This product has been known to cause narcolepsy in some individuals and
Smoky Joe recommends limited usage during winter months
"There's mice living in my mattress."
"I smell something dead under the cabin."
"Why do you bring so many guns up here?"
"Are we going into town tonight for dinner?"
"Can we head back home early?"
"Is that mouse poop on the table?"
"The outhouse is full."
See the video's "Banned" from Youtube
Well...obviously the two sponsor's above are fake, but If you
like my pictures and want them in a book click the following link:
(You can review the entire book free)
100% American
100% American
If you snoop around on my publishers site you'll find I have other books too listed
under the name
dmkilbride. I'm currently making a 440 page B/W book highlighting
Buck Mountain Chateau cabin logs, and the first 20 years at the cabin...stay tuned.
Note...changes may be coming this summer to the website?

I have purchased a boat worthy of Lake Superior and will be spending the "hot"
part of the summer down on Lake Superior (2 miles away) since I am not a fan
of bugs or dew points which are plentiful at the cabin during the summer.
I am allergic to the small gnat bites and itch for a week afterwards so
I'm giving up on the cabin during the summer months.

The photographs are always stunning down by the lake and lets face it...
Buck Mountain Chateau is only a base camp for my travels up there.