Photographs, stories, and other stuff...
This website is under construction...and will be forever as I create, change, and tweak it.
If I could do two things different in my life it would be to have concentrated on my writing skills,
and constantly purchased the best photography equipment on the market.

Perhaps instead of being a lowly railroad switchman (retired as of 1-2-17) working the night shift
where locomotive engineers referred to us as snakes, I could have been traveling the world
taking photographs, and writing of my adventures.

Not that I haven't been able to capture fantastic photographs, many of them in and around Lake
Superior. I archive much of my work in photography books. I use cloud storage but I don't totally
trust it.

You can currently view two books free with the links I have provided under the photographs
below. Both of the locations I photographed are under State and National Park Service control.
The books highlight two rare gem's of natural beauty most people in the Midwest don't even know