Hard to believe but a
candle will cook bacon
View from stand
200 pound blob
Yogi finally comes in
after 11 hours
Where he dropped
Fat ass! He could have benefited with the "Ronco Gut Buster"
Bullet exit
Looks like a human yes?
Quartered & in cooler with
12 blocks of ice
Rendering down bear fat
Later notes

As it turned out I might have only had the one bear coming in. Did an analyze of the stomach contents but only found the
remains of one muffin wrapper and that's all. No berries, no nuts. Not certain if the bacon cookers worked. Yogi seemed
to establish a set feeding time of 7 p.m. and stuck to it regardless.

For some reason John's bait station pretty much dried up just before the weekend of the hunt, although both afternoons
something came in and dug out a couple of peanut butter sandwiches. John was napping. All I can say is "SNOOZE YOU
LOSE!!!!" It was not hit overnight. They had been eating copious amounts of corn from his bait station and then suddenly
gave it up. Why? There is a term used called
bait burnout which is exactly what happens...a good bait station goes dead.

You may have noticed I back packed in my bait. I was trying to cut down fuel costs on the truck with gasoline at record
prices of $3.00 a gallon. Bait runs would have been a hundred dollars in the truck. I delivered the bulk of my bait to cabin
in July, drove the motorcycle up loaded with fresh donuts 3 times. Gas cost was only $30.00 a trip on the bike.  

Kawasaki 650 "KLR" on donut runs

This was the first big game animal dropped out of "Killers Nest" tree stand. The stand was built in 1990? and I never had
any luck with deer there. The new clearing is only 75 yards behind me. It might be redirecting animals to skirt the edge
just inside woods now and be a great stand for deer hunting.
Coffee can cooking
bacon with candle
Thumb hole exit
Bear Hunting 2006
Interested in bear
fat or bear oil send
me an email

I read somewhere bear fat in a jar
can be used to predict weather.

All mine does is stiffen up as it
gets cold.

But It does soften leather and
make a good water repellent I've
Rendered bear fat
I usually have video problems on this web site and took them all off...but these video's were
banned from
Youtube apparently due to complaint's which really pissed me off.
The "brown shirts" are everywhere now with political correctness...bite me.