Deer Hunt 2006
4 of the 5 hunters in 2006
All took deer. "Meat hog" on right took 10 pointer plus 2 other deer
Brother John with his trophy
Why I couldn't see the spikes
I hang my head in shame
Thumbs down on the
older brothers 10 pointer
We hold fingers up
for antler points
Mystery giant burned cedar stumps throughout the woods
Could they be 100 years old?
Salt block at Killers Nest
View from Hunters Rock Stand where Brother John got 10 pointer
Brother John inspects tongue
for CWD
1st round nicked spike low on leg
Something wrong with gun?
Always take the 2nd shot
Exit and entrance wounds
10 pointer compared to a spike
Two inches of rib from
1st wounded deer
I lost trail in snow storm
2nd deer...the spike that
almost got away
Whiskey Jack enjoy fresh meat. Kill and drag out a deer and they will follow.
John's doe from 6.5 Mauser
Not much meat is there?
New trailer & our supplies covered
for approaching snow storm
Shanen's doe at Bird House Stand
John's doe at Squirrel Stand #2
Human hide drop off?
Thumbs up
Chris' buck at Squirrel Stand #2
"Meat Hog"