Bunker Bait Hunting
A major part of Buck Mountain Chateau involves hunting, specifically; bait hunting. I like to use a blind
or bunker for this type of hunting since concealment is easy and personal comfort desired. I wrote a
short story about "Bunker Bait Hunting" with the intent to sell but never pursued it. Now that I've gotten
a little better with computers and digital photography I may try to sell it again to Fur, Fish, and Game or
some other magazine. Here is a rough draft I submitted in a college writing class. Stuff that is
blackened out is personal names and stuff I don't want on the Internet. .

Few really gives a rat's ass about this subject but it must be on the site since it is such a huge part of
Buck Mountain Chateau. I've sat many nights in what I call my sniper bunker(s) waiting for old yellow
tooth to appear. I've had the hair stand up on the back of my neck as I could hear but not quite see
clearly multiple animals 60 yards on the bait growling at one another, and breaking rib bones with their
powerful jaws.
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My best night at two separate locations about 400 yards apart