"It ain't luck."
Jingle Balls
This rock is at the half way point by "Quill Hill" tree stand which I dismantled this year.
I was thinking of painting a white hand or red eye on the rock
Number three, four and five fell by Thursday night. We took a deer every day and had the
opportunity to fill all our tags by Wednesday evening but brother John and I each missed one.
Something that puzzles me on this trail is these logs. I didn't put them there and they
are still good after 18 years. How can that be? Why haven't they rotted?
The 1st half of the trail is pretty wet and I'm looking to make a different route down there.
Blood tracking at "Hunters Rock" tree stand
A walk out to "Killers Nest" tree stand
The second buck  (8 pointer) fell soon after out of the same tree stand from brother John.
I took the 1st buck (spike) within 48 hours at Hunters Rock tree stand using the 25-06 and my
own hand loads. The bullet was a Hornady 120 grain bullet pumped to the max. It took out three
ribs and did good damage.
Meat hunters
Brother John and I took the second week to hunt arriving just ahead of 1.5 inches of
snow which didn't last too long. Shannen and John had hunted the opener and Shannen
took one doe. They came back the second and third weekend but saw no bucks.
2007 was a good year at Buck Mountain Chateau for meat hunting and one nice eight pointer
Three does and two bucks filling our tags out...although the State would have
allowed eight does and two bucks for a total of ten
Deer Hunt 2007
Bagged a nice 8" spruce one night...shot low and a tad left
This pic warrants a full blow up. This is cold callousness.
Note the positons of each brothers foot placed on top of the gut piles.