Guns of Buck Mountain Chateau
Ruger 77-22 Mag
Ruger 10-22
Italian black powder
.44 caliber
Springfield M6 Scout
22 hornet
Lyman black powder rifle
.50 cal patch & ball
Rem 700 30-06 ADL
Coyote and red fox
Winchester sawed off 20 ga
Legal despite what you think
Knight Wolverine
.50 cal black powder rifle
Colt AR-15
Heavy barrel with Krieger-Milazzo trigger
Desert Eagle .44 magnum semi auto
Made in Israel
870 Special Purpose 12 ga
M1 Garand 30-06
Date of manufacture February 1942
John cleaning same pistol
Enlarge photo & note hat
Swedish 6.5 mauser manufactured 1898
Pristine condition. Has dropped numerous deer
NEF 30-06 Handi-rifle
Russian Mosin Nagant 7.62X54R
Model M44 carbine manufactured 1945 with
attached bayonet for sticking al-Quida pigs.
NEF 12 gauge 3"
Pardner model 28" BBL modified choke.  Receiver
swaps out a host of different barrels including rifle super low prices
Colt 10mm Delta Gold Cup
10mm is a legal big game round in Minnesota. I use
a Hornady 200gr XTP bullet pumped to the max
with 8.9 gr of Blue Dot Powder, unfortunately, I
can't hit the broad side of a barn with a pistol. With
a rifle yes...but for some reason not a pistol.
Ruger .22 magnum
Russian Mosin Nagant 7.62X54R
Model 91/30 manufactured 1943
Rem 700 25-06 Sendero with bull barrel
Col John Plaster sniper stock made by Choate topped off with a Schmidt & Bender 8x56 scope
Rem 700 ADL 30-06 with Leupold VX-III 1.5-5X20mm scope
This rifle is unique in some features. I dressed it in a H&S stock with a BDL floor plate and
internal magazine. The scope has high rings to ease loading from the top. This gun is
extremely accurate. The receiver was drilled and tapped for a scope base perfectly
compared to all my other rifles, unfortunately, I am at the end of my reticle eye piece
adjustment with my eyes. I've turned it out as far as it will go at this point. There is a remedy
though, I'll send it in for a new recticle and get the heavy cross hair put in it.
NEF 30-06 with original stock and Aimpoint scope
I took the pistol grip Choate stock off (in above picture's) due to just not liking it. The
original stock makes it feel so much more compact. It is a heavy little rifle though. Inside
the stock is a solid square steel bar to help cut down on recoil. I'm currently shooting
max loads of Sierra 220 grain RN through it and it is indeed kicking like a little mule.
What I typically bring for a weekend
When Chris is up alone he usually brings the same
and lets loose with everything he has at night. There
is an extremely funny story behind one of the late
night volleys which I don't want to post on the www but
will tell you in person if you ask me. Posting it would
only embarrass a third party which I don't want to do,
and does not involve our good buddy Corky.
Marlin 30-30 with 1.5x5 Bushnell Scopechief
My first deer rifle, unfortunately, I sold it to a friend cheap for his son. I was smart enough to
keep the scope. Never sell firearms. This gun had a lot of memories and actually seemed to
have less trouble killing than the 30-06 I replaced it with.  I do remember it jamming open on
me one time though with the lever down. Had to take it to a gun smith.

For some reason I made a lot of heart shots with this gun on deer. This particular buck had a
hawk sitting on the leg eating merrily away when I came back with the sled to haul it out He let
me get very close before he flew off which I found unusual.
Warning...this page contains pictures of dead animals