Indian Wedding
Killer and Two Feathers want to thank our family and guests for attending our Indian
wedding as we renewed our vows for our
"30th Wedding Anniversary."
Blue Blanket - The couple were wrapped in blue blankets that represented their old
ways of weakness, sorrow, failures and spiritual depression.
The ceremony began with
John firing his black powder pistol and the both of us coming in from different sides of
the cabin yard. Blue blankets were draped around us.

Vase - A double spout vase is filled with water and the couple drink from each side as a
toast to their union, then together as one. It was said if the couple could drink from the
vase at the same time and not spill a single drop, good understanding and a
cooperative spirit would always be a part of their marriage.
Our grand daughter "Little
turtle" poured water into the vase, we drank together and did not spill a drop.

Gifts - The groom brought meat to indicate his intention to provide for the household by
hunting. The bride provided corn, or bean bread to symbolize her willingness to care
for and provide nourishment for her household and give life. Traditionally, Cherokee
men hunted for the household, while women tended the farms.
Two Feathers
presented me with a knife and sheath, and indian corn, while I presented her a bear
claw necklace.

Vows - A promise to one another. The vows were personal and highlighted what the
past 30 years meant to each of us.

Fire - The Fire Ceremony is symbolic of the separate lives of the couple and their union
together as one. The couples fire is used by the community and they become part of
the community.
Two Feathers and I each started a small separate fire in the large fire
bowl and pushed them together as one.

White Blanket - The couple shed the blue blankets and was enveloped by relatives in a
white blanket representing their new ways of happiness, fulfillment and peace.
daughter Sara wrapped the white blanket around us, we thanked our family and guests
for attending, and encouraged them to enjoy and add to our fire. John ended the
ceremony with a shot from his black powder pistol.
"I reckon so."
October 20, 2007
Sparky with Indian war paint
(cake frosting)
Enjoying the fire bowl where the two fires were merged into one during the ceremony
The ceremonial site
The bride waits inside the cabin
"Usdayvhusgi tsilvquodi asgayn."
Sparky and Duke
Just before Duke takes off and
smashes into the trailer
Sparky on point
Note excellent body form as he remains
frozen to not spook his prey
Kelly and Samwise
After someone asks when he plans on
marrying his girlfriend...
The wedding cake
The next morning I ate my
head which seemed weird
The 18 year old picnic table
Why it never fell apart with guests
sitting at it is a miracle
How the wedding guests arrived
That or walk a 1/2 mile thru mud
Kelly and Brady
Missy, Mary, Duke, Mary
Theresa and Sparky
Wedding guests and family between rain showers
The Wedding Ceremony and Symbolism of it
We stayed with mainly a Cherokee wedding since that's what Two Feathers is. Some of
the stuff I found on the internet might have been made up but here's what we used: