Miscellaneous photographs
Shanen gives pointers with the stalagmite stick
North view from Buck Mountain
Main room in rat shack
17 year old mouse nest
5 year old mouse nest
East view from
Buck Mountain
"Doc" not feeling well after
falling off MV7
MV7 on maiden run
Killers Nest
Quill Hill Stand
Squirrel Stand #2
Cannon wheels that
brought cabin in
The bird feeder just
outside cabin window
Sniper bunker
Garbage dump on Buck
Mountain - NO GOOD!
Deer visits bird feeder
at sundown
The fire bowl
Nazi mouse
Lax lake closed 2006
Community Service
Deep from the vault of the archives
Cabin break in bear
The landlord was home
Deformed paw bear
First bear
Rat shack snowed in 2005
West windows had to be protected with plywood
Brother John visiting
near by cabin
Brother John and scope bite
Brothers John's big buck
Sweater boys
Why don't you two get a room?
Two feathers on one
of her annual visits
6X6 maiden run
The year of seven
Sweater boys waiting
Can't leave cabin fast enough
Dark house on Lax Lake
Bear cub
Bear skull with
.44 mag hole
Coyote with mange
Skinning black bear
Going to have a
headache tomorrow
Bear that had too much to drink
More coyote with mange
This was a mercy killing. Naked from
the waist down. Minus 20 degrees the
following week
Mouse fur
Skeleton intact under the
pile of fur.Bone & hair is all
that remains. No meat!
Our nearest neighbor
and good buddy
Polaris 6X6 with snow tracker
Lattin kids 1995?
Wood heat, & kerosene lamps on the
other side of Buck Mountain
Two feet of snow on shed 2005
John at bird house
Road killed deer used for bait
Requires a road kill permit which
you get from any Peace Officer
A weekend of meat heading in
to town to be registered
Brother John & John
View of bait 100 yards away
The outer cross hairs need to be
extremely heavy to bracket silhouette
of coyote/fox at night. Only the
Germans produce this scope. They
always did know how to kill
Inside view of sniper bunker
Night vision device on shelf used for
quick reference of bait visitors
View from sniper bunker with
eagles & ravens on bait
Illegal to shoot
Buck Mountain Chateau Under New Management 1989
Our first weekend together in the cabin as the new owners...welcome?
Brother John and me with the
spike I dragged for 8 hours.
We stayed at Sve's fish house.
Hair rubbed off from dragging
The year Jimbo made me
eat burnt deer liver cooked
over an open fire
Moonlight view from Sve's fish
house dock on Lake Superior
John and 1st bear
Coyote Hunter in Full Camo
Killer and Two Feathers
The year I brought her home from the Res
Two Feathers at sunset
A womans touch at the rat shack
Tea at Lattins
Ski to Lattins
Mouse nest on
oven pizza pan
The boys foolishly thought it would be fun to take a ride in
the fresh snow. I opened up the throttle and never backed
off all the way to the top of Buck Mountain and back.
Snow bunny
When we first took the cabin over we could see 100 yards out. The spruce have gone
to town. Twenty years from now some of these spruce may be twice as tall?
Corky buries his plow & hangs his head in shame
Skeleton mouse tail
Drag mark
John and chicken rustler
Note mice playing on legs
Killer on top of Buck Mountain Chateau
We find evidence of wolf, bear, coyote, and deer
coming up here all year long...what draws them up