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Some of the pics on this page will have interesting side notes...well to me at least
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Lake Superior at the mouth of the Beaver River
I had run out of memory with the big camera and took these (the three above) with the lesser quality HP 4.2mp. The
camera surprises me sometimes with the quality of the pics. These were 10 sec delayed, one handed shots, with my left
hand blocking the sun.
Black Sand & Pebble Beach just up the road from the cabin in a secret location few know
Pics taken 4-29-07...winter still clings on
More fun with the ice block
Ants in the mailbox?
This mailbox is in the outhouse. We put spare rolls of toilet
paper in it to keep them away from the pine squirrels
who make a mess with them. One fall these ants moved in
as you see with no nesting material.

"Stupid ants," I thought, "Won't make the winter like that."
Keep in mind because the mail box was tapered at the
bottom the toilet paper rolls never touched the bottom. I left
the ants alone to their certain death since they didn't seem
to have any interest in the toilet paper.

Winter came and the ants froze solid as I predicted...the
following spring to my complete surprise they all woke up
and moved everything out.
Witches Broom
When I first saw this I thought it was a nest of some
kind. It sits over by Quill Hill tree stand. It's just some
wild growth on the tree.

I posted the pic on one on the numerous internet
forums I go to and a guy responded saying it's called
"Witches Broom."
The name is quite appropriate. It is very thick stuff.
Buck Mountain Chateau 12-05
This pic is on the home page. It's also the
pic used for my www business cards.
Skiing back from tea with Herb and Sue
This pic had been on the home page originally. It shows the dead beaver
pond and Little Buck Mountain. It's only 400 yards from the cabin.

One summer I heard dozens of crows and ravens on top of Little Buck. I was
actually able to get up on them without being seen. They were fighting over a
carcass like vultures in an African movie. Must of been 100 of them.   
Mouse house tree
It was packed with a family of mice but I
didn't know it. Only one mouse died. I saw
the blood from the chain saw and stopped
cutting to investigate. I moved them all
about 20 yards away to an old hollow
birch. They were gone though the next day.
John's garden at the Opossum Lodge
John was having rabbit problems in his garden so he set up this scarecrow.
The rabbits chewed on the scarecrows legs and pulled some of the hay out.
John and Chris are displaying what they will do to the rabbits if they catch them.
Lake Superior at the mouth of Lester River
(Duluth in background)
Gooseberry River State Park April 27, 2007
Approximately 5 miles away from the crow flys
The timber wolf is located in the visitor center. Apparently it was hit by a car on highway 61. The weight is 119 pounds.

I rarely stop at the park, it is usually packed with visitors. What is unusual about this day was very few people were there.
Look for people in the won't find many if you do. Kelly went back in July and it was quite different she said.
Packed...and she said packed with "idiots" allowing small children to wander out into the fast moving water above the falls.
Two Feathers, Sara,
& Weasel 1991
Posted sign after
break in
Sara 1991
And no...he was not lucky
"Feeling Lucky?
Stop at the Black
Bear Casino."
Original owner of Buck Mountain
Chateau...circa 1990
Sve's dock in fog
Weasel, Two Feathers,
and Sara
TWO was here
I never met TWO. He was stranded
one wet weekend at the shack and
left his mark.
Wolf Moon January 2007
Some digital manipulation
For some reason this picture seemed
comical to me. There is no living with them.
They piss, shit, and chew on everything.
A chicken rustler that didn't make the winter - Mother Nature takes over