Scuba Diving Lake Superior
As I've stated on other pages I have taken various writing classes. One of my best stories is how Brett, Ron and I
experienced Nitrogen Narcosis which is referred to as "Rapture of the Depths."

It occurs when you go very deep. What happens for unknown reason is the nitrogen in your body acts like a drug.
But for some the experience can be terrifying, almost psychotic, which happened to one of us.

The following is a story I submitted in a writing class regarding the above. Ninety nine percent of the story is accurate
as it happened.
Scuba diving was a very intense part of my life. It was also when I began a serious interest in photography. Two
Feathers and I spent a lot of time on the North Shores scuba diving and taking pictures. We would drive up on
Friday night and stay at Ragsvold Sve's fish house. "Rags" had come from Norway and shoveled coal as a young
man on the big ships in Lake Superior. He bought property on the shoreline before highway 61 had even been
built. Eventually he and his wife built cabins for all the city folks willing to pay for the view. He never charged us
anything to stay in the fish house but we would give him a "donation." I loved to listen to his stories of the lake and
the North Shore.

All the years I scuba dived in Lake Superior I never had any interest in the forests behind me but Rags would talk
about the, "Good deer hunting out back." Eventually I would find Buck Mountain Chateau only a few miles away. I
lost interest in the big lake and sold the "Pack Rat." A more accurate description might be I also became afraid of
the big lake too. I don't know why.

I suppose it's why unlike Two Feathers I want my ashes spread on dry land away from the lake, on top of Buck
Mountain overlooking  Lake Superior.
The Siren Call: The danger of Nitrogen Narcosis
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The "Pack Rat" Madeline Island Lake Superior
The Pack Rat was small but it took anything Lake Superior threw at it
John sucking up the last of his tank
after cave diving Devils Island
Devils Island all to ourselves
The Caves of Devil's Island
Apostle Islands
Inside Devils Island caves
Inside looking out
North Side by Lighthouse
Note compass...crude but saved
us in fog many times
The caves exist due to the tremendous
beating the north exposure of the island gets.
The water depth inside the caves ranged
about 10 feet from what I remember.

It would be interesting the see just what kind
of pounding takes place inside the caves
during a good storm.
Full Moon on Lake Superior close to the mouth of the Split Rock River
John and me doing salvage work raising a 100' dock
Two Feathers on our honeymoon
Apostle Islands shallow water wreck diving
I almost used the knife on my leg to cut the two fingers off my left hand.
It was that or drown. The lift barrels we're sitting on were sunk, cable
cinched to the dock, and inflated from the surface with a compressor.

One of the barrels hung up on me after partial inflation. I jerked on the
cable & it released, unfortunately, two fingers became caught between
the barrel and cable. I was low on air and John was on the surface
getting another tank. There was no way to communicate.

I was just about to use the knife when I gave one last jerk and was
freed. Like I say I was not going to drown.
Ragsvold Sve
Deceased many years now
Rag's cat Goldie & her only kitten
That's all she had for some reason
Seagull and egg
Dry suit
Unusual rock face
John's boat the day we picked it up at the scrap
yard It had been a lifeboat on a ship whose name I
forget. It was the 1st time he had it in the water. I
remember the feel to we were in a giant cork
that was unsinkable.
Wreck diving the Maderia
Two feathers and I knew the people that had built
this. It was  designed for scuba research on Lake
Superior. It had a glass viewing port in the bottom.
Sve's dock and fish house
This is the dock we would take off from. The fish house is on the right . Everyone slept upstairs in a giant makeshift
bunk room which had about twenty mattresses on the floor. You could hear the waves and once in awhile bed
springs squeaking from couples that you wouldn't expect it from. Something about a new environment I guess.
Suppose that's why bed and breakfast are so popular.
Two feathers on the South Shore
The big lake reminds her of the Res...
that's why she loves it so much
This picture reminds me of a dive we made on the Hesper wreck by the Siver Bay Marina. After the dive we
beached on the mainland for lunch. We found a small beach area that could only be reached by boat with high
rock on all three sides. This rock was part of the back wall of the natural barrier and had a thick colored vein
running through it.

At the time I was fooling around taking this picture I becames aware one of the girls in the dive party was
experiencing hypothermia from the dive. I remember the Frenchmen Jean Paul had to set her in front of him and
bundle the both of them up and use his body heat. She had the shakes for a long time. We didn't leave until she
was ready.