Split Rock River 2007
March 31, 2007 was cold, rainy, and windy but John, Shanen, and I took the ATV down to the
Split Rock hoping for some high water pictures from the snow melt. We were not disappointed.

Our ATV trail comes out at the top of the most spectacular part of the river and the sequence of
pic's is as we worked downstream. Due to the rain I had to use the lesser quality 4.2 mp camera.

We hope to do some Steelhead (rainbow trout) fishing here at the end of April.
February 10, 2007 the Split Rock was in spectacular form. In the 20 plus years
John and I have traveled on it we have never seen it quite like this. The temps
had been brutal all week. It was like the river literally froze in place.  
Winter - begins to loosen its grip
Spring - Steelhead (Rainbow Trout) run April 28-29 2007
It was a rough trip hiking into this location with all the gear. I don't recall ever being here although
I'm sure I've been close. We're approximately 1 mile in from highway 61 and maybe a 1/4 mile
down from above pic's. Apparently the 1st natural barricade (steep waterfalls) is as far as you
can legally fish for Steelhead. Waders would have been nice but we got by alright even with our
hillbilly equipment compared to the rest of them.
After about 4 hours in the same spot a guy wanders thru who knows what he's doing. He tells
us he can see one laying not eight feet from us in the fast water right in the middle of the
stream. We're stunned. John tries a spawn sack in front of it's face a dozen times but no go.

The guy asks if he can try and he eventually lands it using a yellow yarn fly. Poor Kelly was
disgusted...she had been dragging a chunk of "crawler" across its face all morning.
But it's all in the right bait.
The weight is about 5 lbs
Actual spawn eggs
John using beads to represent spawn eggs. He snags one and actually finds fish
scales on the hook.
It's the guys fourth fish of the day and he finally gets a keeper with a clipped fin (stocked fish).
His chart tells us the fish is approximately 6 years old and positively a Steelhead.
Yes...that is snow in the shade
John and I try the last pool 100 yards up which has a depth of fifteen feet?
We watch a guy pull another nice 5 pounder out of the chutes.
Just above the last pool a bald eagle was busy all morning working on its giant nest.
To get to the chutes above the last pool you must scale this hill...
These guys caught a couple in the pool using a spawn sack
and crawler. I didn't see their fish so I can't comment on the size
or if they were wild or stock.
I watched this guy almost
fall off this rock several times.
He had to scale eagle nest hill
above to get to where he is.